2016 Tiguan

Volkswagen's New 2016 Tiguan

Volkswagen is back into the crowded SUV market with their best offering yet - the brand new Tiguan. The advertisement for the Volkswagen Tiguan makes it clear what this is trying to be - a flash family SUV which won't embarrass your kids on the school run.

Since 2008 the Tiguan has been performing well for VW selling second only to the Golf and Polo. It's in a pretty packed market, and marks the first of a series of SUVs coming from VW over the next few years.

Prices start at $22,500 and most customers are expected to opt for the 2 litre diesel. But if you opt for one of the more expensive models you could be paying anything up to $30,000 and more, pricing it a little above the main competition.

Newer and better?
So, what do you get that you didn't have before? First of all it's a little lighter than the old Tiguan and both the diesel and the gas versions are around 25% more efficient. The interior has the same comfortable feel and takes many of its styling from the Golf, but there is now an optional head up display and the addition of a swanky in-car entertainment system.

The back seats have plenty of room for two adults or three children and while there's already a reasonable amount of storage space in the back, you can move the seats to make room for more.

The performance stats are pretty respectable on the road: 0-62 mph happens in 9.3 seconds; it has a top speed of 124 mph and fuel consumption of 42 miles per gallon. That diesel might be pretty gruff, but inside the sound is dampened down considerably.

The ride is as comfortable as you'd expect for any family friendly SUV. Add the comfort mode to smooth out the ride further to make it ideal for any long distance journeys. It is, though, a little bulkier than some of the competition which is useful if you want more room, but means you won't be throwing it around any corners like a Golf any time soon.

Automatic parking assist options, meanwhile, will also make it much easier to park in those tight spaces when you're on the school run.

Off-road performance

We must never forget that this is - in theory at least - meant for more than just shuttling your children back and forth from school. It is an off-roader, and it comes with all the additions you'd expect; snow, on-road and off road modes help it cope with a range of terrain. It has an optional off-road package which includes tougher bumpers and can perform pretty well on rugged ground, and while it won't match the Land Rover for off-road performance it will be more that suitable for any basic cross country tasks.

This is, then, a no frills functional SUV designed to perform its main job as well as possible, to get you and your family where you're going in as much comfort as possible. The old Tiguan was perfectly capable of thriving in the competitive SUV marketplace, and all the signs are that the new version will perform just as well.

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